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TCA established in 2012 as a first sole cargo carrier Company in Georgia. Our ICAO three-letter designator code is: TZS. 
  The control and survey of the activities in TCA LLC and their compliance with the regulations and procedures are being carried out through the Quality system. Engineers and technical staff are trained in approved training centers and are licensed in accordance with Georgian & EASA Regulations.

TCA LLC is an Aviation Operator certified by the Georgian CAA (Holder of Air Operator Certificate No.081) in accordance with Civil Aircraft operation Certification rules in accordance with Georgian Legislation and keeps on a contractual basis:
  • Maintenance Organization (TCA LLC, since 2012) in accordance with Georgian Regulation (license No. GE-097) for Aircraft type Boeing 747-200 
TCA fleet now consist with 5 aircrafts: 1 Boeing 747-300, 1 Boeing 747-200 and 3 Airbus A300-B4.
TCA LLC has the close cooperation with various international organizations, such as DoD, ISAF, etc. It provided services for ISAF mission to Afghanistan for 1 year and gained a reputation of reliable partner. Since creation, “TCA LLC” started the provision of services abroad.

TCA LLC is engaged in Retrogression program of ISAF operation in Afghanistan, Supporting Iraqi Airways Cargo program in Iraq.