TCA Airlines was founded in 2012 by pilots to level up travel experience and  ensure maximum quality and safety of flights. During this period until 2022 we operated 11,895 flights, which is 65,195 flight hours, in 71 destinations worldwide.

Our Services:


  • Transportation of passengers by helicopter to any region of Georgia and neighboring countries. Read More
  • Tourist route services. Read More
  • Extreme tourism / sports services. Read More
  • Shipping of cargo and oversized cargo. Read More
  • Rescue operations. Read More
  • Medical evacuation services. Read More

Private Jet Services:

Transportation of passengers by Private Jet to any country in the world, offering the highest quality service on board according to the world standards.

Dynamics, speed, time and distance, accessibility and simplicity, the pursuit of comfort and harmony have become an integral part of the modern world. The aspiration of our customers to feel the real difference, to help them achieve their goals, to create a safe environment and conditions tailored to them individually is the core value and main mission of our company.