Safety is one of our core business functions. We are committed to developing implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities take place under an appropriate allocation of organizational resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance and meeting regulatory requirements, while delivering our services.

All levels of management and all employees are accountable for delivery of the highest level of safety performance, starting with me, the Director of TCA.

Our commitment is to:

  • Support the managementofsafetythrough provision ofall appropriate resoultes thatwill resultin an organizational cuiture that fosters safe practices, encourages effective safety repotting and communication, and actively manages safety wlth the same attention to results as the attention to results as attention to results of other management systems of TCA;
  • Ensure that the management of safety is a primary responsibility of all managers and employees;
  • Clearly define, for all staffi, managers and employees alike, their accountabilities and responsibilities for the delivery of the organlzation’s safety performance and performance of our safety management system;
  • Establish and operate hazard identification and risk management processes, including a hazard repofting system, in order to ellminate or mitigate the safety risks ofthe consequences of hazards resulting from our operations or activities, to achieve continuous improvement in our safety performance;
  • Ensure that no action will be taken against any employee who discloses safety concern through the hazard reporting system, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubi an illegal act, gross negligence, or a deliberate or wlllful disregard of regulations or procedures which are considered as unacceptable behaviors. Reckless behavior, exceptional violations and criminal behavior is unacceptable. Failure to report a safety hazard, incident or accident is also unacceptable;
  • Apart from the unacceptable acts mentioned above, dlsciplinary action would not apply. Comply with and, wherever possible, exceed legislative and regulatory requirements and standards;
  • Ensure that sufficient skilled and tmined hu man resources are available to implement safety strategies and processes;
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training are competent in safety matters, and are allocated only tasks commensurate with their skills;
  • Establish and measure our safety performance against realistic safety performance indicators and safety performance talgets;
  • Learn from past mistakes, that is regularly analyze malfunctions or undesirable operational results;
  • Follow-up of corrective actions and their effectiveness in improving operational performance;
  • Continually improve our safety performance through continuous monitoring and measut’ement regular review and adiustmenl ofjafety perforrnance indicators, safety obiectives and targets, and diligent achievement ofthese; and
  • Ensure that externally supplied systems and services to support our operations are delivet’ed meeting our safety performance standards.

Our primary obiective is to make our airline the safe, compliant with regulations whilst remaining financially effective. As the Accountable Manager it is my responsibility to ensure that safety of all our operations and selices. I will ensure that adequate resources and training are provided to manage safety effectively.
We encourage all our staff and stakeholders to report safety events or potential hazards, however insignificant they may consider them at the time.
We have an open reporting culture that encourages free and frank reporting through a just culture.
We strive to achieve:

  • Environment with the tolerable level of aviation risk;
  • An effective safety managementsystem and continuous improvement;
  • Full compliance with statutory national and international regulations that apply to us.